About cancer

There are more and more people being diagnosed with different cancers. Here are some important points that everyone should know. Even when you face the worst scenery, believe me, your body still has amazing ability to heal itself. 

  1. Cancer cells tend to grow in acidic environment. Almost all people who have cancer are acidic. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits to keep your body alkaline (a pH of 7-7.5 is the best.) You can find the pH paper in any organic health store and test your saliva. This is not the most accurate way to measure your body's blood pH, but it is quite convenient.
  2. Cancer cells usually develop in damp cold places which have poor circulation. Moderate exercise such as walking 30 mins a day and breaking a little sweat is the best to maintain good circulation. Also, you can monitor your body temperature to see your health improvement. Normal body temperatures should be around 36-36.5°C  . A lot of cancer patients have body temperatures as low as 34.5°C. This 2° difference accounts for a 60% decrease in immune system efficiency.  
  3. All cancers begin with inflammations. Virus and harmful bacterial are triggers for these inflammations. Stop eating virus-friendly foods like sweets, dairy, gluten, GMO products like corn or canola oil, or food with heavy metals and pesticides. Detox your body with antioxidants like wild blueberries, raw honey, ginger, turmeric and lots of greens.  

Cancers are not as horrible as we thought. Stop feeding the cancer cells. Instead, give your body more light, more love and nurturing your every organ with healthy food, everything begin to switch. Trust yourself and trust your body!     -