Easy allergy test

Coca Pulse Test for tracking hidden food allergies

    “…about 90% of the population are victims of food allergy.” -Dr. Arthur Coca, the Pulse Test 

If you are sensitive or allergic to a food, ingesting that food will immediately cause stress, which is manifested as an increased pulse rate. Taking your pulse before you eat and again at 15 minutes and 30 minutes after you eat will give you immediate feedback about the presence of an allergen in what you just ate. You may also just chew but not swallow the food for 30 seconds. An increase of 4 or more beats per minute is considered the result of a stressful reaction. The bigger the pulse change, the more stressful your body considers this food.

 Finding your pulse Sit down and relax. Press your pointer, middle finger and index finger on the thumb side of the wrist. Count your heart beat for a full minute. Record before and after eating.