Effective pain relief

I recently treated a client who had kidney issues and does dialysis three times a week. He walks with a cane, has back muscle pain at 4; hip  pain 8 and knee stiffness is at 8. (0-10, 10 is the worst pain or discomfort level.) I checked his whole energy field. I found the main issue was all around center of his body: Liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, and kidney. He has very swollen feet because of his diabetes.  

Healing:  Open the root energy. The circulation around the ankles and feet are one of the most important part for staying balanced and grounded. Using hot sea salt water to soak the feet everyday will be very helpful to bring the liver’s Qi moving downward instead of upward , eliminating headaches or difficulty sleeping. Massaging the ankles and feet is also a very good way to get Qi moving. The lighter your feet are, the longer you will live. 

Clear the liver and gallbladder meridian. The blockages along the way caused his hip pain and knee stiffness. I detoxed a great deal of his liver, gallbladder and especially the two meridians which run from head to toe. I worked over 30 minutes to finally make the energy flow to his toes. 

 Then Open up the heart and clear the lungs, so the kidney will get proper nutrients from the lungs. Before healing, his energy was weak around his kidney area. Now the flow is much better. He slept right through his 60 minute treatment. After waking up, he felt so much better. Back muscle pain is down from 4-2; hip pain is from 8 to 2; knee stiffness is from 8 to 0.  

He is mainly pain free. “I can do ballet now!” he said. I promised I will help to sell his ballet tickets if he performs. One hour after he left, he came back again, with no cane brand new sport shoes on the feet. He was so happy, showing off his brand new shoes! 

Bio-Energy healing can heal a lot of issues. However for pain release, Bio-Energy treatment will be the most effective and obvious for our clients.