1. Root Veggies

Eat your root veggies, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and the ocean equivalent of a root vegetable, seaweed.

  •  Potatoes are full of macro and micro-nutrients, and are rich in potassium and vitamin B-6. They also have an anti-fungal and antibacterial effect that helps heal your liver, kidney, nerves and digestive system. 
  • Sweet potatoes are one of the best intestine cleansers, helping rid the body of harmful bacteria and fungi. It is also effective in fighting cancers, such as stomach, intestinal, skin and breast cancer. 
  • Inflammation is quite common in the body, but is usually hidden, and can be caused by toxins such as heavy metals or pesticides that accumulate in the body, and can be passed on for generations. Chronic inflammation is the cause of cancer. Seaweed has a strong ability to absorb and remove these toxins from the body like they do in the oceans. They provide powerful support for the kidney, bones and nerves.

Eat these every day to get yourself grounded and centered.

2. Eat rainbow colors

  • White colored food such as cabbage, radish, onions, potatoes and mushrooms cleanse your lungs and large intestine. White food is commonly viewed negatively for your health, but is the most needed food color by the body.
  • Red colored foods such as tomatoes, red pepper and strawberries strengthen your heart and small intestine.
  • Green colored food that include most leafy vegetables detox your liver.
  • Yellow and orange colored food such as carrots, bell peppers and cantaloupe is good for your stomach, spleen and digestive system.
  • Black and purple colored foods such as eggplant, seaweed, black rice, and beans boosts the kidney. 

3. Raw foods

  • Blueberries are one of the most of power food can help detoxing every organ and nerve system. It can prevent and help heal most diseases. Wild blueberry smoothies is one of the most recommended one from healing perspective.
  • Cilantro is one of the food most people needed. Its antiviral, antibacterial effect help body get rid of toxins and purify the kidney. Clean kidney, clean mind, strong bodies.
  • Apple, carrots, celery based juicing is a very balanced combine for purify our whole system. Cucumbers, lemons, raw honey, and cinnamon can be added on. It is a must-have for spring detoxing drink.

4. Soups

Soups are very gentle food for stomach and very nutritious and  comfy food for those cold days. Especially for little kids, senors, and weak people, soups are the best choice to regain their energy which begins from the stomach. Also bone soups are one of the excellent gut healer and immune booster, help support hair, skin, nail, knee health.

Foods to Avoid

When you try to recover from some health issues, please try to avoid these food to get the best healing results such as dairy, gluten, GMO products like corn and canola, MSG. These can be the best food for virus, bad bacteria, also can easily trigger adrenal or thyroid spike or crash and affect our endocrine system working properly.