Breast Tumor

   “I had 2 months of bio-energy treatments with Jane for healing after my breast abscess surgery. [The breast was painful, hard and swollen.] The amazing part was that I felt full of positive energy and slept better after each treatment. I believe Jane’s treatments sped up my recovery greatly. Jane has always been there to encourage me and also taught me how to care for myself. I am very grateful to Jane for being such a kind and generous person and for making me feel so joyful and contend in my life.   -Rachel Wang 

Irritable bowel syndrome

   “I had Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I went to washroom 4-5 times and bleeding. I often felt stomach pain and bloating. After five bio-energy sessions, it is normal now, and no longer bleeds. My stomach has no pain at all! I am so happy. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it made me so much better, like a miracle. I would like to recommend Jane to everyone I know. Thank you so much, Jane!”     -Jieping Fu    

Chronic pain

  “I have had chronic pain since 1999, all over pain. I had the greatest pain in my back, neck, and arms. I also have emotional issues and have had depression in my past. Now my pain has reduced a lot and my emotions are better controlled. I feel calmer. During the treatments, I had some interesting feelings in my body (heat and nauseas) which I found amazing! Interesting that my body was reacting to the treatments. I still have some issues but feel much better. I love the treatments. My mind has attendecy to wonder but during the treatments, I am able to just feel calm and focus on the treatment. Jane is amazing. She is very caring and so knowledgable.” -Tanya Sinnett  

Servere Back Pain

   “I had severe back pain most of the time. My coccyx was broken. Most times, I either lay down or stood. It was too painful for me to sit. After five treatments, my back pain eased by a lot. I felt so great that I finally became able to hold my kids’ hands, running in the field with them together. I cleaned my whole house and threw out a lot of stuff which I held with me very long time. I deeply appreciate the work Jane did for me.” -Cindy Ma     

Ovarian Cyst

   “I have 2.5cm ovarian cyst, PMS. I often had headaches and felt tired. Jane did just did ten sessions of Bio-Energy healing, and I just got confirmation from my family doctor: my ovarian cyst is gone!!! This is amazing!”     -Hiroko 


   “My mom had a liver transplant 12 years ago. Recently, everything got worse again. She had shingles, and barely ate anything. Jane provided a 2 month long-distance bio-energy treatment for her. Her pain is now totally gone, and she seems much happier than before when I talked to her through phone. Her blood work results are also out. Her doctor said almost all the data indicates normality. Her liver looks even better than the doctors'. No need do the second transplant.” -Suzy Liu